Family history

Innovation meets tradition.

For over 80 years, we have been mining sand and gravel from the Kirchheller Heide as a family business. Initially exclusively for the building materials industry – but in the early 1980s we discovered that Kirchhellen sand has unique properties that make it the ideal footing for equestrian sports. After a few tests on our own and neighboring riding arenas, the perfect composition of Stremmer sand was found: Today’s stresan® – Kirchhellener Sand! The new product impressed both local riders and experts alike. The riding surface specialist and Olympic course builder Hermann Duckek, who was in demand worldwide at the time, made our riding sand known beyond the borders of Europe and thus helped us to break through as a top riding sand supplier.

With the aim of offering the optimum riding surface for every situation, our sand and additives are continuously tested and optimized – a passion that will be shared by future generations! In this way, the values of the company are passed on and the high quality of stresan® is guaranteed. A family history that we are proud of.


Quality promise

Every grain a promise.

Our goal is to create riding surfaces that inspire customers and their horses alike. Thanks to our passion and experience in equestrian sand production, we meet a wide range of needs with the durable quality of our stresan® products. We only use certified fleece and high-quality screenings to guarantee the gentlest riding surface for horses’ hooves.

Each material is carefully selected for its compatibility and effectiveness. Customers receive the stresan® certificate of authenticity with every delivery, a promise of original, quality-tested Kirchhellen sand.


About us

More than a family business.

stresan® – Kirchhellener Sand naturally offers the best properties for use as a riding surface: The fine grading curve of stresan® ensures an excellent water storage capacity and compacts the sand only enough to provide the hoof with optimal penetration depth and stability. At the same time, stresan® has the ability to drain off excess water via the surface if the structure is suitable.

To provide the right surface for every equestrian discipline, we have over 20 different stresan® products in our range. Through careful selection of raw materials and sand preparation with certified screenings or fleece, we achieve a tailor-made solution for demanding applications.

Particularly low-dust

Improved hoof traction

Optimum drainage effect

Sustainable production

Riding sand is our passion.

Experience the perfect combination of stability and performance in your riding surface with stresan® Kirchhellener Sand.