From planning to care: your comprehensive guide to stresan® riding sand. Find out how much sand you need, what you need to consider when using it and how to order it.

Why is stresan® particularly suitable as a riding surface?

Sand must have very special properties to be used as a riding surface. Our stresan® is characterized by a fine grading curve that ensures excellent water storage capacity. This reduces dust formation and the sand only compacts enough to provide the hoof with stability and optimum penetration depth. In addition, stresan® has a very high quartz content. A quartz grain has a high degree of hardness and is therefore more resistant to grain crumbling and abrasion, two factors that lead to dust formation. The low proportion of slurry is another quality feature of stresan®.

Is stresan® a purely natural product?

We offer stresan® in various mixtures. Depending on the discipline for which the riding surface is to be used and the requirements it has to meet, we mix certified additives such as fleece, screenings or other types of sand into the sand. However, our Allround Sand stresan® A contains no additives and is a purely natural product.

How do I know which riding sand I need?

The most important thing here is what requirements you have for your riding surface:

  • Is it an outdoor arena or an indoor arena?
  • What discipline will be ridden primarily?
  • How many horses will walk on the riding surface every day?
  • How is the substructure of the riding arena planned?
  • Are there any structural or legal restrictions?

With the answers to these questions, we can recommend the right riding sand for you. We try to give you as much general information as possible in our blog articles: Which sand is well suited for an outdoor arena, what are the advantages and disadvantages of aggregates such as fleece and screenings or what does the structure of a riding surface look like.

But every riding surface depends on the individual circumstances. We will therefore be happy to advise you in a personal meeting or telephone call – free of charge and without obligation, of course.

How much stresan® riding sand is needed for a riding arena?

We recommend a footing height of 12 cm for outdoor arenas and a footing height of 10 cm for indoor arenas. To calculate the amount of sand required, the area is multiplied by the specific weight of the sand and the footing height. As an example, let’s take an outdoor arena measuring 20 m x 40 m:

(20.00 m x 40.00 m x 0.12 m) x 1.7 t/m3 = 160 t

For an outdoor pitch measuring 20.00 m x 40.00 m, we recommend a quantity of approx. 160 tons of sand. This corresponds to approximately six semi-trailers (truckloads); there may be slight deviations in quantity when loading.

What should I bear in mind when using stresan® riding sand?

In outdoor areas, stresan® A (without aggregates) drains excess water over the surface with a lateral gradient of one to two percent. It is therefore not necessary to install a drainage system underneath the footing. However, the subsoil of your riding arena must be stable and stable. Please also ensure that there are no barriers at the end of the slope, as these can lead to water accumulation.

Our riding surfaces with fleece and screenings, on the other hand, are water-permeable and require an appropriate substructure for drainage. Regular care is another measure that is important when using our riding sand and also has a positive effect on the longevity of the riding surface. You can find out how best to care for your riding surface in our care instructions, which are available in our download area. Should you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How does an order for stresan® work?

Following your inquiry via the contact form, e-mail or telephone, you will either receive a non-binding offer directly from us or we will contact you by telephone to clarify further details about your inquiry and then send you an offer. Once you have ordered the sand, you will receive an order confirmation from us, which you should sign and return to us. As soon as we have received this order, we will arrange your riding sand delivery and inform you of the exact delivery date, although we will of course try to take your preferred date into account.

Please note that we do not build riding arenas but only supply the material, in particular our stresan® riding sand as a footing. If you have no experience in riding arena construction, we recommend that you contact a professional riding arena builder. We will be happy to provide you with the relevant contact details.

How do you find a professional riding arena builder?

There are a number of companies that specialize in riding arena construction. Occasionally, gardening and landscaping companies also offer this service. We work closely with a number of riding arena builders whose expertise we trust and therefore recommend to our customers with a clear conscience. Feel free to ask us about a riding arena builder in your region.

What should I bear in mind when stresan® riding sand is supplied by an intermediary?

If you order Kirchhellener Sand from an intermediary or riding arena builder, you have no guarantee that this sand is our stresan® – Kirchhellener Sand, as the rights to the name “Kirchhellener Sand” cannot be protected. In order to avoid misunderstandings and to ensure that you actually receive original stresan® – Kirchhellener sand, you should definitely ask specifically for our stresan® brand and have this confirmed in your order.

Customers who order directly from us will receive a certificate of authenticity. This proves that the sand supplied is original stresan® Kirchhellener sand from our own quarries. Due to the excellent reputation of our product, we would like to give riding arena owners the opportunity to use the certificate as a reference for their business.

If you order from a dealer, we can send you the certificate of authenticity on the following condition: send us a copy of your delivery bill or invoice on which stresan® is noted.

Are deliveries at short notice also possible?

Yes, because thanks to our own fleet of vehicles, we are not tied to other service providers and can therefore respond flexibly to your requests. Depending on the current order situation, it may of course be the case that direct delivery is not possible. In any case, we will try to find a good solution so that you receive stresan® on your desired date.

What is the stresan® online logo for?

stresan® – Kirchhellener Sand is known in the equestrian industry as a quality product. We have developed our online logo for you to show that you rely on quality and safety for your riding surface with stresan®. You can integrate this on your website and show directly that you ride on stresan® – Kirchhellener Sand. You are welcome to download the stresan® online logo in the ‘Download’ section. We would be pleased if you could send us a short note about the integration.

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