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Outstanding performance at tournaments and equestrian events requires a riding surface that not only offers the highest quality, but is also resilient and visually appealing immediately after installation. At tournaments in particular, it is crucial that the footing can be installed quickly and removed just as quickly. We present stresan® riding surfaces that have been specially developed for this purpose and are ready for use immediately after installation.

Whether dressage and show jumping competitions, western shows, trade fairs or stallion parades – with our products you are perfectly equipped to make your event shine in all its glory.


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Particularly low-dust

Improved hoof traction

Optimum drainage effect

Sustainable production

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    The perfect foundation

    Perfect for competition & events

    Discover stresan® equestrian sand, the ideal solution for riding surfaces that are equally suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Our Kirchhellen sand has already proven itself with numerous customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other European countries. Our sand provides the perfect basis for riding arenas and indoor arenas by creating optimum conditions for horses and riders. Whether for dressage, western or show jumping – stresan® riding surfaces stand for quality and reliability. Benefit from our personalised advice based on many years of experience and expertise.

    Organisers of top international events rely on stresan® as an established brand for high-quality equestrian sand. Our footings offer the certainty of a perfect and reliable riding surface.

    The right sand for every discipline.