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Sub-bases for riding surfaces

Our expertise lies in helping you select the right stresan® sand mix for your riding surface – but we also know how the layer beneath your footing should look. This is why we’re happy to advise you in the selection of sub-base materials for your equestrian arena or send you the contact information for riding arena building specialists if desired.

Alongside the right equestrian sand, the ideal sub-base is essential for your surface’s functionality and drainage. This always depends on the local conditions, your budget and your desired footing; for example, with stresan® A, which drains over the surface, or stresan® fleece mix, which is water-permeable.

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    Stresan® N Paddock


    The perfect riding arena

    Building a perfect riding arena requires more than just sand. Important steps include:

    • Building permits: Obtain all necessary permits.
    • Site: Choose the site carefully.
    • Recycled material: Secure approval from the water authority, if used.
    • Soil expertise: Check the soil conditions.

    Quality materials are crucial for an all-weather riding arena that can also be used after rain. A well thought-out substructure saves costs in the long term by minimizing the footing height.


    Riding surface structure

    The construction variants presented are for guidance only. As every project has its own requirements, we recommend one of our riding arena builders for the best possible result. We recommend a 3-layer structure for resilient and durable riding arenas: coarse gravel at the bottom for water drainage, a separating layer in the middle and our stresan® Kirchhellener sand on top as a footing layer.

    Surface drainage with 1-2% gradient

    Exemplary riding surface structure of an outdoor arena
    Oberflächenentwässerung mit 1-2% Gefälle

    Vertical drainage with drainage substructure

    Exemplary riding surface structure of an outdoor arena
    Vertikale Entwässerung mit Drainageunterbau

    Footing made of pure sand with separating layer

    Example of an indoor riding arena
    Tretschicht aus purem Sand mit Trennschicht

    Footing with Siebgurg on concrete structure

    Example of an indoor riding arena
    Tretschicht mit Siebgurg auf Betonaufbau

    The right sand for every discipline.