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Discover the limitless design freedom when planning your riding arena! Our stresan® products not only guarantee high resistance to machines, horses and weather conditions, but also long-lasting quality. Experience how our products make the difference – whether in professional riding facilities or in your own stables.

Make your riding surface a feel-good place for horse and rider and discover the perfection that lies in every grain of our equestrian sand.

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    How much stresan® equestrian sand is needed for one footing?

    We recommend a footing height of twelve centimetres for outdoor courts. The formula for calculating the individual quantity of sand required is as follows:

    (length (m) x width (m) x footing height (m)) x specific weight of the sand (t/m³) = quantity (t)

    As an example, let’s take an outdoor arena measuring 20 m x 40 m: (20 m x 40 m x 0.12 m) x 1.7 t/m³ = 163.2 t

    Even if it is possible to build the riding surface yourself, we recommend getting professional support from a riding arena builder. They not only have the specialist knowledge, but also the appropriate equipment, such as a laser grader, to install the material professionally.

    Is it possible to say in general terms how expensive the footing is in outdoor areas?

    There is a general answer to this question: No. Because the cost of your stresan® equestrian sand depends on the area of application. Added to this are the selected aggregates that can be used. In outdoor areas, the structure of the substructure is also important – here you can choose between a one-layer or three-layer system.

    However, we would be happy to provide you with a non-binding quote so that you can calculate the costs for the footing in the best possible way. Feel free to contact us!

    Before you decide on a footing, we would ask you to find out more about substructures. This is because not all footings work with all substructures. The optimum sub-base can vary from project to project, so we recommend that you work with a professional riding arena builder.

    You can find a list of riding arena substructures that we can recommend to you, as well as some examples of substructures, on our “Substructures” subpage.

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