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Ideally, the husbandry concept for horses should meet their natural needs. That’s why we support the increasingly popular open stable system, which allows horses to move freely outside of grazing times. Paddocks offer an excellent alternative for horses that mainly live in boxes and only occasionally go out to pasture during the winter months when grazing areas are not available.

An ideally designed paddock is crucial to fulfill the horses’ natural need for exercise. The larger the exercise area and the longer the period of outdoor exercise, the better it is for the horse’s health. This makes it all the more important to have a suitable and appropriate surface to ensure the horses have a mud-free and non-slip run.

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    Horse owners know how important the quality of sand is for paddocks and exercise areas. Our stresan® N Paddock products. It is characterized by its tread resistance, low dust content and suitability for bare hooves. With regular maintenance, our sand provides an ideal surface quality for many years and meets the diverse requirements placed on exercise areas. Our footings make a significant contribution to the well-being of your horses. Horses appreciate sand not only as a surface, but also as a place to lie or roll around.

    Our stresan® N Paddock products are an excellent and durable alternative to paddock mats or woodchippings. Due to the durability and robustness of our sand, only minimal losses due to mowing are to be expected, which enables long-term savings. Discover the advantages of Kirchhellener sand for your paddock.



    Can I avoid puddles on my paddock with stresan®?

    With the right structure and the right footing, wet ground or puddles are no longer an issue – muddy paddocks are virtually impossible. For a paddock with vertical drainage, a drainage substructure, for example with a water-permeable gravel layer and appropriate paddock mats, is necessary. Our stresan® N paddock mixtures can then be used as a footing layer. These are looser than classic riding sands, extremely water-permeable and do not create puddles of water.

    If it is not possible for you to build the exercise area with a water-draining substructure, you should use a footing that drains via the surface, such as our stresan® A. To do this, the paddock should be laid with a gradient of around one to two percent at the highest point of the terrain. This allows excess water to drain away easily. It is important that you smooth the paddock floor regularly so that the unevenness and depressions caused by rolling, for example, do not prevent the water from draining away.

    Before you decide on a footing for your paddock, it is important that you match the substructure accordingly. This is because not all footings work with all substructures. The optimum footing can vary from project to project, so we recommend that you work with a professional riding arena builder. You can find a suitable riding arena builder in your area here (link). You can find a list of riding arena builders that we can recommend here, as well as some examples of superstructures here.

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