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Equestrian sand for indoor arenas

We not only offer you our versatile all-round riding sand stresan® A, but also customized riding sand mixtures, perfectly adapted to various equestrian disciplines. Our special mixtures are ideal for show jumping, lunging, vaulting, western riding and dressage.

Regardless of the chosen equestrian discipline or the desired use: we adapt our sand individually to your needs. Thanks to the special mixture of our sand with other types of sand, tested screenings (micro-chippings) or certified fleece, we create the perfect conditions for an unparalleled equestrian experience. Experience optimal surfaces designed for top performance and the well-being of your horse!

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    The perfect indoor riding arena floor

    At stresan®, we attach great importance to ensuring that your indoor riding arena floor is perfectly suited to your needs. We recommend a footing layer of at least 10 centimetres, provided that your indoor riding arena has an appropriate substructure. If this is missing, we recommend a footing layer of at least 12 centimetres. This recommendation serves to protect the tendons and ligaments of your horses to prevent overloading.

    In the case of an installation on a concrete floor, we recommend first laying a separating layer, such as lava or graded limestone, after which a footing layer of around 10 centimetres is sufficient.


    Why is stresan® particularly suitable as a riding surface?

    Sand must have very special properties to be used as a riding surface. Our stresan® is characterised by a fine grading curve that ensures excellent water storage capacity. This reduces dust formation and the sand only compacts enough to provide the hoof with stability and optimum penetration depth. In addition, stresan® has a very high quartz content. A quartz grain has a high degree of hardness and is therefore more resistant to grain crumbling and abrasion, two factors that lead to dust formation. The low proportion of slurry is another quality feature of stresan®.

    Is stresan® a purely natural product?

    Our all-round sand stresan® A is a purely natural product that does not require any additives. However, depending on the discipline for which the riding surface is to be used and the requirements it has to fulfil, we offer stresan® in various mixtures by mixing other types of sand and certified additives such as fleece or screenings into the sand.

    How do I know what equestrian sand I need?

    The most important factor here is what requirements you have for your riding surface:

    • Is it an outdoor arena or an indoor arena?
    • Which discipline will you be focussing on?
    • How many horses walk on the riding surface every day?
    • How is the substructure of the riding arena planned, and are there any structural or legal restrictions?

    With the answers to these questions, we can recommend the right equestrian sand for you. We try to give you as much general information as possible in our blog articles: Which sand is well suited for an outdoor arena, what are the advantages and disadvantages of aggregates such as fleece and screenings or what does the structure of a riding surface look like.

    But every riding surface depends on the individual circumstances. We will therefore be happy to advise you in a personal consultation or telephone call – free of charge and without obligation, of course.

    What should I bear in mind when using stresan® equestrian sand?

    What should I bear in mind when using stresan® equestrian sand?
    In outdoor areas, stresan® A (without aggregates) drains excess water over the surface with a lateral gradient of one to two per cent. It is therefore not necessary to install a drainage system underneath the footing. However, the subsoil of your riding arena must be stable and stable. If this is not the case, a separating layer should be applied.

    Please also ensure that there are no barriers at the end of the slope, as these can lead to water accumulation.
    Our riding surfaces with fleece and screen material, on the other hand, are water-permeable and require an appropriate substructure for drainage. Regular maintenance is another measure that is important when using our equestrian sand and also has a positive effect on the longevity of the riding surface. You can find out how best to care for your riding surface in our care instructions, which are available in our download area. Should you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    How do you find a professional riding arena builder?

    There are a number of companies that specialise in riding arena construction. Occasionally, gardening and landscaping companies also offer this service. We work closely with a number of riding arena builders whose expertise we trust and therefore recommend to our customers with a clear conscience. Feel free to ask us for a riding arena builder in your region or search here for the right riding arena construction company in your area.

    The right sand for every discipline.